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Make Learning Simple

Organize information effectively with reusable index cards from Tunza Cards. Perfect for every scholar in primary school to college, our product makes writing simple and studying productive. You won't have to worry about smudging, and your work doesn't disappear until you remove it. Then you can start all over again using the same cards!

Reduce    Reuse    Recycle

Tunza Cards

Description: These are 3x5 UV coated index cards that can be used for anything your current disposable index card is used for. Note taking, school projects, speech giving, studying, and more. They are not dry erase, the coating allows you write using permanent marker that drys almost instantly and then erase using rubbing alcohol. Ink will not smear, smudge or budge until you take it off.

How They Work

Step One
Use with Sharpie® Brand Permanent ink pen or other Permanent ink pen.
Product will not work with Non-Permanent ink pens.
For best results, use colors other than Black & let dry for 20 seconds.

Note: Dry erase pens will smear on surface. Permanent ink can only be removed with rubbing alcohol.

Step Two
Wipe with Rubbing Alcohol to clean card. May need to repeat if ink is heavy or pressed into card.
If card becomes over saturated with alcohol, leave to dry before next use. Usually only a few minutes are needed.

Step Three
Reuse Tunza Times!!   Save Tunza money!!  Reduce Reuse Recycle!

use Tunzacards Tunza times Tunza way for Tunza things.

*Cards can be customized with company logos. You can reach out to our Cardiff, California, business to learn more.

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